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Director of Facilities & Vehicles

Alzar School
Alzar School
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Administration, Operations
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Alzar School is currently seeking a Director of Facilities & Vehicles. Facilities management is a dynamic endeavor that helps us enjoy, preserve, and build our community while inspiring learners and helping them find a “home away from home” and develop a sense of place. The facilities and vehicles that our community access, coupled with the beauty and sustainability of our landscapes and environments, communicate intentionality, care and thoughtfulness. The Director of Facilities & Vehicles oversees all aspects of maintenance, improvements, housekeeping and grounds for Alzar School’s two campuses: A 370-acre campus in Cascade, Idaho on the North Fork of the Payette River with approximately 30,000 square feet of buildings and a 376-acre campus in Coyhaique, Chile on Lago Atravesado with approximately 15,000 square feet). The position will be based out of Cascade, with an anticipated visit to the Coyhaique campus at least once annually. This position reports directly to the Head of School and is responsible for the expense management of a $250,000+ facilities budget. This position requires both hands-on and administrative work, and the opportunity to truly grow the entire program. The opportunities at Alzar are exciting, with excellent opportunities to learn and find reward in the work. Alzar is seeking a caring steward for our beautiful centers of learning. The position could start as soon as June 1, 2022.

About Alzar School

Alzar School is a semester school for students in 10th and 11th grades. Additionally, Alzar operates a growing gap program and special programs (like Confluences River Expeditions). We are a nonprofit, accredited independent school. Our students are highly motivated teenagers and young adults who want to make a difference in the world. Alzar School’s main campus is in Cascade, Idaho, but each semester includes extended cultural immersion in Chile. Alzar School offers students challenging and engaging instruction at Honors or AP level. We accomplish our mission to ‘build leaders who positively impact the world’ through the intersection of academics, outdoor adventure, and cultural immersion. As a school community, we value diverse experience, perspectives, identities, and skill sets.

Duties and responsibilities

Departmental leadership

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles will be expected to:

  1. Account for overall performance of the facilities department, ensuring good communications and relationships with the school’s administration, faculty, staff, students, parents and visitors.
  2. Develop and oversee departmental procedures and systems.
  3. Develop and manage the school’s annual operating and long-range capital facilities budgets, addressing both the short term and long term needs of the school.
  4. Monitor and control facilities expenditures to ensure they are aligned with approved budgets.
  5. Inspect facilities and systems to identify maintenance and repair deficiencies, establish facility conditions and schedule critical work items to be corrected at appropriate times.
  6. Establish and coordinate a maintenance schedule that addresses the routine and preventative maintenance needs of buildings, grounds, furniture, fixtures, equipment, fire safety and school vehicles.
  7. Actively participate in a variety of repair, cleaning, basic construction, and landscaping work (including snow removal) to support the other caretakers working on the campuses (approximately 50% of the director’s time is anticipated to be administrative in nature and 50% is anticipated as hands-on work on projects).
  8. Participate in space planning and alteration of school facilities.
  9. Oversee purchases of fixtures, furnishings and equipment.
  10. Monitor annual contract services for landscaping, snow removal, pest control services, trash and recycling service and other vendor services.
  11. Coordinate compliance with annual inspections of fire systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, HVAC, storm water systems, backflow preventers, fleet vehicles.
  12. Provide facilities support for campus events.
  13. Solicit bids and develop the scope of work for all major outside contractual work. Oversee and coordinate the work of all outside vendors and contractors, effectively manage the fulfillment of their contractual obligations, including quality control of their work.
  14. Understand risk management and identify and mitigate any threats to school, conduct safety drills as appropriate.
  15. Maintain compliance with local and national codes including but not limited to ADA, building, fire, electric, plumbing, air quality, OSHA and EPA programs.
  16. Evaluate systems and maintenance issues as they arise and take appropriate corrective action for prompt resolution, including communicating timely updates to all impacted stakeholders.
  17. Implement a computerized maintenance management system to effectively manage work requests and orders.
  18. Oversee distribution of building keys and entry access codes.
  19. Act as liaison with security officers, alarm company and camera company on security matters.
  20. Oversee facilities projects conducted outside regular working hours.
  21. Serve as the primary point of contact for facility-related emergencies.

Leading and managing staff

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles will be expected to:

  1. Hire and supervise a team of facilities caretakers. This includes 1 other full-time employee at each campus (Idaho and Chile) and part-time, seasonal employees (typically 2 others in Idaho).
  2. Provide new on-campus staff with familiarization and training regarding life on campus, basic info about campus infrastructure, staff housing expectations, and maintenance assistance at staff housing.
  3. Provide safety training and equipment training to maintenance department employees.
  4. Maintain and manage the tools for the various maintenance tasks, and manage staff use.
  5. Maintain a supply of safety equipment for use in campus maintenance (hearing and eye protection, saw chaps, gloves, helmets, etc)
  6. Manage recurring maintenance tasks and emergent work orders, distributing tasks to maintenance staff as appropriate, providing on the job training to staff as needed.
  7. Communicate with a team of colleagues working and operating in Patagonia, Chile.

Strengthening community

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles will be expected to:

  1. Respond to special requests, questions or concerns from stakeholders.
  2. Develop and maintain a consistent image of a quality customer service-oriented maintenance department.
  3. Assist with training staff (primarily) and students (occasionally) in proper operation of various equipment or infrastructure systems in use on campus (examples: wood stoves, cleaning solution dispenser, septic system control panels, school buses). This could be providing in person training, and/or producing documents or videos.
  4. Occasionally assist with student activities, expeditions’ logistics, and transportation.

Assisting other departments

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles will be expected to:

  1. Recognize changing needs of the school’s curricular, extracurricular and summer programs in order to respond in a timely fashion to any necessary changes in facilities and vehicle services.
  2. Maintain an awareness of upcoming events (attend regular meetings) and anticipate facility and vehicle needs relative to these events.
  3. Be open to changing / adapting campus systems and providing mechanical, structural or other infrastructure knowledge and solutions to meet evolving demands and desires for student and staff needs.
  4. Monitor use and backstock of consumable cleaning and sanitation products, reordering as needed (TP, soap, towels, hand sanitizer, distilled water for water treatment system).
  5. Perform regular assessment and simple maintenance tasks for building systems (air filters, water treatment, septic system interventions, etc).
  6. Work closely with the Director of Expeditions and Risk Management to mitigate hazards in the campus environment, proactively identifying and mitigating issues and maintaining safety equipment. This includes monitoring and addressing icy entrances, other fall/trip hazards, annual/monthly fire extinguisher checks, etc.

Traits, Qualifications & Experience

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles must be a committed, detail-oriented person who will work to maintain the resources of the school. This requires them to be able to work independently and in collaboration with other staff. Here are some traits, qualifications, and experience that the director should exhibit:

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. 5+ years of related work experience, preferably in a school environment.
  3. Proven personnel management skills, including supervising staff.
  4. Effective oral and written communication skills with confidence and clarity in conveying information to all members of the community.
  5. Ability to demonstrate initiative and innovation, meet challenges with resourcefulness and develop alternative solutions and approaches.
  6. Ability to respond and follow through on assignments and responsibilities in a timely manner and to work on multiple assignments with varying deadlines.
  7. Ability to be detail oriented, highly organized and have strong problem solving skills, with effective management style and interpersonal skills.
  8. Familiarity with common building practices, and typical building systems. Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, wastewater, and irrigation systems will be useful.
  9. Familiarity with power tools and landscaping equipment. Regular use of power hand tools for carpentry, chainsaws, landscaping power tools, snow removal equipment. Loader and backhoe experience and familiarity with hydraulic systems would be useful.
  10. Ability to identify unsafe working conditions or hazardous situations for others on campus, and mitigate as necessary.
  11. Familiarity with vehicle maintenance, ability to identify, assess and solve vehicle maintenance issues.
  12. Ability to pass a background check/ fingerprint.
  13. Have or be able to obtain class B CDL with air brake, passenger, and school bus endorsements. Regularly assist with school bus familiarization and CDL training for new staff.
  14. The ability to work with other individuals with less experience and/or training, leading teams in work projects, exhibiting willingness to prioritize safety and training over production.

We have a strong preference for candidates with at least basic Spanish competency to assist in communication with the Base Patagonia caretaker and team in Chile.

Physical Requirements & Work Conditions

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles must be willing to work unusual hours, sometimes in adverse outdoor conditions, and provide creative solutions to a variety of issues.

The Director of Facilities & Vehicles can expect:

  1. Extended hours during peak periods
  2. Outdoor work in challenging conditions (i.e. Snow, rain, wind, extreme cold, etc.)
  3. Work to require ability to sit for periods of several hours per day at computer
  4. Work to require ability to walk 376-acre campus 2-3 times per week, and occasionally in inclement weather
  5. Calls for assistance at odd hours
  6. Regular lifting of 50 lbs (firewood, pellets, miscellaneous equipment)

Terms of Employment - Salary, Compensation, and Benefits

This is a salaried, exempt position. Alzar is aiming to have a candidate in place starting June 1, 2022 to overlap with an outgoing, senior facilities caretaker to allow for transition of institutional knowledge.

The salary for the Director of Facilities & Vehicles position will be determined by the Head of School, based on experience. As a full-time employee, the director is eligible to participate in the school’s health insurance program and retirement plans.

To Apply:

Applicants can submit a short application with cover letter and resume at https://forms.gle/tJm5GwCR2fn6LNyM8

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